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I believe everyone at some point in their life has a moment, a calling or an awareness to make a difference. My story begins at the Denver International Airport in June 2018. I was traveling with my daughter from Colorado, to San Luis Obispo, CA for my younger daughter’s graduation from Cal Poly. We arrived at the airport with time to spare, so we wandered to the nearest book store to flip through best sellers and current magazines. I was drawn to an issue of National Geographic magazine that featured an iceberg emerging from the ocean with all its majestic beauty. As I approached and saw the title “PLANET OR PLASTIC?” I soon realized, this amazing iceberg was not an image of nature, but a disguised plastic bag belonging to man. I flipped the pages in search of hope, but instead came to an image that was more heart breaking than the cover. It was a photograph of a tiny, innocent seahorse with its tail curled around a bright pink, plastic Q-tip trying to cling to anything in order to rest. With all the natural plant life no longer existent, this fragile seahorse’s only chance of survival was an object discarded without heart. My daughter and I boarded the flight headed to a state of beauty, wide open beaches, surfing and ocean life. I, as a photographer by trade have been fortunate to travel many places in the world and see the incredible beauty of this planet, but this opportunity has also opened my eyes to the devastation created by human kind. I could not erase the image of the plastic iceberg and the tiny seahorse from my mind. My thoughts wandered to the fate of our oceans and beautiful, astonishing sea life, not only for my daughters, but all future generations. My heart was pounding as I flew over this vast expanse of water, knowing and fearing the reality below the tides. This was my calling. By the time we landed, I had made a decision to make a difference. This is the beginning of my story and the philosophy behind SUN DAYS GOODS. I created SUN DAYS GOODS with a mission to educate the public about the devastating consequences of plastic and to strive to decrease the tons of single use plastic discarded every year.

Calais, Leslie and Land Le Coq

Calais, Leslie and Land Le Coq

SUN DAYS beeswax wraps are the first product to be introduced. A fun, colorful, modern, functional, long lasting and alternative to plastic for food storage. We as a society have the technology and knowledge to reduce and eliminate single use plastic, but consumers are conditioned to use cling wrap, bags and foil; products that not only destroy our oceans and lands, but our overall health by poisoning us with toxic chemicals. I want to bring awareness to this tragedy by giving people the choice of a better, alternative product that delivers the exact purpose with the same ease and convenience, but without the pollution and destruction as our current counterparts. It’s a step towards conservation and a product that can simply make a difference. SUN DAYS GOODS as a company will continue to design and create new products as part of a line that will contribute collectively as a change for sustainability and preservation.

I, as a third generation Coloradan, grew up with nature, the mountains, trails, rivers, blue skies and the four seasons of change. My two daughters were born and raised in Summit County in the Rocky Mountains, a lifestyle of adventure, wildlife and dirt roads. My upbringing instilled the values of appreciation for our environment. My daughters as fourth generation natives continue the insight and respect for their surroundings, planet and a love of all things great and small. We as a family believe the most important practice is to reduce contribution to world pollution. We are also care givers to our furry friends and have rescued donkeys, goats, horses, dogs, kitties and our most beloved farm pig, named Piggy. Our values are from the heart and together we are on a journey to create a company with core principles of responsibility to our world.

SUN DAYS GOODS is based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and finds inspiration from each view of nature and wildlife that constantly reminds us as individuals and a company of our mission and goals to preserve our planet.

Thank you for visiting SUN DAYS. Our beautiful natural life deserves our attention and care to flourish, survive and to be alive. Stop by again for new, exciting eco-friendly products to soon be launched.

Best Wishes,
Leslie Le Coq